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Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Services

Keeping your workspace neat and tidy is simple with Allstate on your side. Our monthly cleaning plan ensures your business looks its best around the clock. Unlike other commercial cleaners, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to your property. Your business is unique, after all — doesn't it deserve personalized attention from a team that cares?

A large variety of business cleaning services are available. Talk to a customer service representative today to learn what we recommend for you. We can visit your facility any day of the week, as needed, or accommodate your personal requests. In general, however, we perform these services at this frequency:

Every Visit: Trash Removal, Dusting Services, Water Fountain Cleaning, & Entrance Touch-Ups

Every Week: Fingerprint Buffing, Hard Furniture Cleaning/Polishing, & Chrome/Aluminum Polishing

Once a Month: Hard-to-Reach Area Dusting

Quarterly/As Needed: Vinyl Furniture Cleaning, Air Conditioning Vent Cleaning, & Liner Replacement

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Floor Cleaning: During each visit, we vacuum traffic lanes and heavily littered areas, mop tiled floors, and remove new stains. We vacuum all carpeted areas in detail every week. Our on-call business cleaning services include floors waxing/buffing, carpet shampooing, and floor sealing/waxing.

Washroom Sanitation: When we clean your bathrooms, we cover commodes, urinals, and wash basins. We also remove splash marks from mirrors and walls. For the floors, we sweep, damp mop, and disinfect. All metal partitions are dusted and wiped down, and we perform cleaning and refilling of all dispensers with products from your supply.

Window Cleaning: All window cleaning includes the insides of the glass partitions and window sills, as needed. Our on-call services include the inside and outside of reachable windows.

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